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We at Ladas & Parry are presently filing upwards of nearly 1500 US patent applications annually. This area of our practice has experienced considerable growth during the past two years. We also file foreign applications in even larger numbers through our own offices overseas and through carefully selected local counsel.

We count among our clients highly sophisicated, technically oriented corporations, mid-sized companies, other law firms and individuals. We are highly experienced at obtaining patents for our clients in a wide range of technologies. The papers published in these pages help showcase our wide range of experience and capabilities.

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Patent Practice Brochure available on-line

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Patents & Copyrights

Ladas & Parry prepares and files many patent and design applications throughout the world every year. We have our own offices in the United States, Great Britain and Germany for the filing of U.S., British, and European Patent and Design Applications. We also utilize carefully selected local counsel in other countries for the filing of patent and design applications in those jurisdictions where we do not have our own offices. We are also one of the leading filers of International Patent Applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

The partners and associates in the Ladas & Parry U.S. and Foreign Patent Practice Groups are typically licensed to practice before one or more of the patent offices in Canada, Germany, Great Britain, and United States and/or at the European Patent Office and have technical backgrounds covering all aspects of modern technology.

This section of our WebSite is devoted to Patents and Copyrights. We treat these two subject areas together since most of the papers we publish which deal with copyrights do so in the context of protecting software, which can also be protected by patents in many countries. So it seems natural to combine these two topics, at least in the context of our practice. And instead of presenting a long list of articles, we have split the available articles into the following subject categories:

The Patent System - Historical Articles and Introductory Information

Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Patent Practice

Copyrights and Software Protection by Patents and Copyrights

U.S. and Foreign Patent Practice

Patent Law Harmonization

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